Uretero Renoscope

Uretero Renoscope

LocaMed introduces the newest GOLD VISION telescopes.

The scopes have multiple advantages versus any other scopes in the market. They are extremly bright in their picture. The lenses are made out of a special sapphire glass in order to prevent distortion at the crisp and sharp picture, due to discolouration of the glass lenses in competetive scopes.

All the scopes have a patented length extension compensation. This allows the scope to autoclave more times than any other scope in the market.

Don’t go for less, go for the best GOLD VISION telescopes.


  • Gold version
  • Autoclavable, 134oC
  • Larger magnification
  • Lenses made out of sapphire glass to prevent distortion
  • Extremely durable, with two year warranty
  • Wide angle
  • Highest resolution and depth of view for a brilliant picture and excellent illumination
  • Polished, coated Swiss lenses


8.5Fr, length 430mm


8.5Fr, length 310mm

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